Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Long-term Goals

 The long-term goals i will be tryin to accomplish really is about the compound. I am looking to buy many acres here in Colorado in order to build a facility that will have roads built along the mountainside for the mass variety of downhill events. there will be areas for an indoor and outdoor skatepark & bmx park. An area for indoor and outdoor rock climbing, as well as speed climbing. there will be many other areas for al sports to come and train and race. ther will be many areas of fun for the public as well, to enjoy the majority of the facilities, however in say "public use" you riders will not have to worry about that. your training areas would be off limits to anyone not on the team or a professional rider with any professional organization.
 Anyone wanting to join whether you are in one organization or another is welcome to train on site. there will be cabins for riders who want to rent them from a week to a year round or however long you need them there will be a place for you to eat as well and supplies and gear can be arranged if you are in need.
 I will be trying to get the X-games to hold future events as well as possibly having gravity games come to the compound. I will also be holding many events and races with a yearly championship cup for the overall points leader of the year, which will go for all events and categories. 
 So please show your support and contact me.
 The scope of this project is vast so this will be my lifes work in order to accomplish this.

Velocity Knights Goals

I am Sean and i have been a downhiller since 1999. Velocity Knights is my attemp to bring together the best of Gravity Sports. All the current sports as well as the lesser known ones to the public, such as Downhill stand-up, Streetluging, Gravity cars & bikes, Inline Downhill, mountain boarding etc.
I am venturing in a long term project with the eventual Team Compound and training facilities, in Colorado where i am currently living. Right now i am starting with a five man team for professional competition in the U.S. and anywhere else on the planet there is a passion for speed. However if you are not a professional already and just have the passion for speed like the rest of us, we will help you progress your knowledge in a SAFE and mature manner. I say safe and mature because there some individuals out there that are not concerned with the image they represent or anything other than there own needs regardless of the damage they do to other or the sports image. To be safe means that you respect the roads and the pedestrians or cars or more importantly the communities you choose to ride in. This is because there are very few places in which you can ride in this country without having to worry about having to deal with the police ticketing or impounding your gear in extreme cases, or having the local community up in arms over your recent run.
So as well as progressing the sport i intend to make the public aware of our passion and desires and to let them know we are not there to cause harm, we are mearly there because we have the overwhelming, gut-wrenching desire to feel time stop while moving at blurring speeds, while testing the limits of our minds and bodies, but have nowhere we can ride regularly and train in peace.
So I will getting this five man team together and many other teams in the future as well as working on building a place for all of us to train all year here in Colorado. So whether you are someone to help our efforts, if your a sponsor, investor, corporation or just a rider that wants to join our movement, we are looking for your help. so please come and join the Velocity Knights & the Velocity Compound, whether or not you live in Colorado, the U.S. or anywhere else on this planet.

***This Blog will be under construction for some time, so please be patient while we get together some pics and vids of our upcoming rides and events.

Thank you for your time and efforts and always remember We are "Downhill 4 Life"

Sean C. Wheeler
Founder of Velocity Knights & The Velocity Compound