Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knights Update

 Currently I am about 5 months away from selling my house in order to buy the property for the Velocity Knights Gravity Grounds. We have located 3 potential sites that emcompass about 40acres on an average.
So Far all is progressing well and we are on track to meet our 2011 deadline to buy the property.

 I want to thank all of you who have entered the Velocity Knight Logo Contest and I am very excited about what you will come up with.

 I would like everyone to realize that our movement is not just about our team, the whole purpose is for me to give back to the sport that has inspired my passions for the past 12 years and for me to give all of us the crave the need to go fast downhill a place to train, race and compete without worry. And everyone can be apart of it throughout the world by simply signing up to be a follower or if you want to represent the knights when you race you can also be apart of the team in anyway or form that suits your needs.

 I will always help anyone that is a part of it, and do what i can to further your passions as best as i can. All you have to do is ask :)

 Thanks again to our great sponsors and show your support for there products and the efforts in anyway you can, and thanks to all of you who want to be apart of our movement and dont forget if you need anything I am here for you all.

 Thank you all for your time and efforts,

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  1. I am very thrilled to be part of such great effort. Sean is doing a great job for the Gravity Sports Community. I hope too see more people come and join this cause. Keep Rolling Sean!!!